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Tie Care

Tie Care

Tie Care Tips
Caring for your neckties

Introduction To Tie Care

We have assembled a few general rules for taking care of your fine silk neckties.

As men, we become very much attached to certain neckties that we own and proper care is more important than ever in ensuring that these beautiful works of art not only look presentable but last.

Neckties are a man's secret "blankie"... many men become attached to most of their collection and feel the pain when these prized possessions become stained or wrinkled.

At Night
Hang you neckties at night - do not leave the knots in as they will permanently crease the fabric.

When Traveling
When traveling, utilize one of these methods to ensure your necktie arrives in good condition.

When packing, fold the tie gently into four and slip it in the inside pocket of your suit jacket.

Alternatively, roll your necktie and place it in the boxes we provide and tuck those boxes safely in the corners of your luggage.

Upon arrival, hang the necktie on the lavatory door before you shower, the steam will do wonders for relaxing the fabric.

Stain Prevention
Some of our neckties will be manufactured with a blocking agent and we will advertise those ties as such, but the general rule is tuck a napkin in your shirt collar and you won't need to worry about stains.  

Remember your necktie is a thing of beauty not a bib.

Dry Cleaning
We simply do not recommend dry cleaning neckties.

The reason for this is that dry cleaners will typically press the tie, and as such, will press those wonderful rolled edges flat.

Spot Removal
Not much will help a spot on a beautiful silk tie, but should you happen to get a spot on your tie, simply dip a clean cloth napkin in a little seltzer or club soda and then dab away what you can.

For anything greasy, sprinkle a little talcum powder on the spot as soon as possible and allow it to absorb what it can.

After a few hours, brush off the remaining residue with a clean soft cloth.

Tie Tacks
We love tie tacks.  Tie tacks dress up the tie,  and add an interesting splash of decor to ties. Additionally, tie tacks will keep the tie in place - which also could mean out of your soup or keep it from flapping in your face.

However, we have a love - hate relationship with these since they can leave tiny holes in the precious fabric.

To prevent those tiny holes, and still keep your tie in place, insert the tie tack on the back of your tie through the label or fabric keeper and then attach it to your shirt.

This will keep the tie nicely in place, and no holes on the front of the tie.

Re-shaping and Conditioning
Because the favorite ties get the most use, it is highly recommended that you purchase a small hand steamer
and gently steam away the wrinkles that usually form
around the fabric where the knot is made.
This should be done at least every two months - and that is assuming that the necktie is worn about eight times in that period.

In the end, taking care of your tie collection will provide many wonderful years of elegance for you to enjoy these prized possessions.


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