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Necktie Manufacturing & Construction

About Our Neckties

First Quality Direct From The Manufacturers
All our neckties are exquisitely handcrafted from the most luxurious silk satins and silk jacquards.  Each necktie is the product of painstaking attention to quality and detail.

We guarantee you won't be disappointed in the quality.  All our ties are first quality.

We do not sell overstocks or closeouts.

We are an approved and authorized retailer for all the brands that we stock.

We buy directly from the manufacturer and, not from flea markets and department store sales where the necktie has been handled, mishandled, pulled, stretched and, sometimes even worn as you will find from many (not all) online retailers who are not approved to purchase from the manufacturers.

Our ties typically sell for 30% to 50% less than what you would expect to pay at some of the finer boutiques.  Our selling price is typically the lowest price allowed by the designer or manufacturer.

In short, we are very picky about the quality, craftsmanship, design and of course, our suppliers.

You can't pay less and, still expect to receive authentic designer silk ties - you just can't.

All our neckties must posses some or all of the following qualities:

The Silk
We prefer silk from Como Italy whenever possible.  Lake Como is known for its unparalleled beauty and its exquisite silk apparel. The tailoring of silk by the Como fashion designers remain without rivals. Como silk ties are of extraordinary quality and craftsmanship. These ties are made of the finest silk fabric and spun with techniques developed from ancient ancestors who were silk-workers in the 13th-century.

Another fine silk we like to feature is known as Thai silk which comes from Thailand and has it's own unique properties.  The colors are much more intense on Thai silk and as such, given the patterns or the designs, Thai silk is a wonderful substance.  Unfortunately, Thai silk is hand spun and at times cannot be found in abundant qualities.

Oriental silk is another type of silk which we choose as it has the capacity to retain colors and absorb special dyes which at times are utilized to produce vibrant designs.

Weight of The Silk
The most beautiful silks weigh between 25 to 30 momies (a silk measuring unit).  You might not necessarily recognize the individual weight of each silk necktie, however, when we purchase our neckties, we buy from manufacturers who are known throughout the industry for their specifications and as such, the silk in the neckties we purchase are never sub grade or flimsy.  Different silks have different characteristics, some are more gentle than others.  In the end - our manufacturers maintain the same high standards that we do and will never purchase silks below the 25 to 30 rule.

The Making
We prefer neckties that are hand made or hand tailored for either the cutting, the assembly or the finish with the inside either wool or cotton and sewn in a certain way, which gives the tie suppleness. The cut should be 3 to 7 folds and always cut on a bias, which stops it from screwing.  A double bar tack which can be found on the back holding both parts together as well as certain finishing touches like custom tipping, a double sewn neck band to keep the tie flat against the shirt collar, and a fabric loop on the rear are all signs of a well made tie.

The Shape
The shape of the necktie is an interesting item as it tends to fade in
and out with current styles.  We prefer a shape known as the "half bottle".  This shape enables a much more becoming knot with a small touch of refinement.  However the true half bottle shape which looks like the neck and shoulder of a bottle typically doesn't lend itself to some of the more narrower styles.  By narrow, we mean anything under 3.5 inches.

The Interlining
The interlining is a piece of material, most often wool or wool blend, inserted inside the envelope of the tie to give it body and shape. A wool lining is always preferred in a hand made tie since wool is much more forgiving to the weather and tends not to warp. Some ties do utilize alternative fabrics such as linen and cotton based on what the the color or weight of finished product. These alternatives are fine substitutes for certain lightweight or light color ties that a heavier wool lining would simply not do justice to the overall look.

Multi Fold, Three Fold, Four Fold, Five Fold, Seven Fold 
A tie which is hand folded and typically has no interlining is called a multi fold tie.  This type of tie is considered exclusive and of the highest quality in the necktie realm.  Depending on the silk, the weight, and weave, some neckties are absolutely gorgeous as a three fold, and then again, some others truly require as many as seven folds for the tie to keep its shape well.

Generally these neckties are folded by hand and are on the pricier side but well worth it.  When shopping for a hand folded tie, always inspect the true number of folds as the price tends to vary somewhat by the number of folds.

Saddle Stitching - In Italian - Impuntura
A necktie which is saddle stitched is another sign of old world workmanship.  A saddle stitching is simply a visible hand stitching on the rear of the necktie which holds both parts together.  Saddle stitching, much like the multi folds, are a sign of exclusivity.  The stitching is visible on the rear of the necktie utilizing a multi spun thread in a coordinated color.  A recent innovation in necktie design and manufacturing has the saddle stitching on the front of the necktie, much like a fine Italian custom made suit which has the visible hand stitching on the lapels.

Self Tipped
A self tipped tie is one where the silk fabric utilized on the front is also utilized on the back, and inside, rather than utilizing the typical taffeta or acetate lining much like you would find in the sleeves of a suit.

Designer House Practices
As you may have noticed, there are hundreds of designer labels.  The reality of it is, there are far few manufacturers than there are labels. It is entirely possible that the same manufacturer who produces one designer label will also produce many other well recognized labels.  While this is a reality of the industry for the sake of economics, it does by no means take away from the intrinsic value of a label.  This practice has been accepted by the consumer in the automobile industry whereby one will shop at a Chevrolet dealer for a low end car - but think nothing of it when they shop a Cadillac dealer.  The same can be said for the necktie industry.  A non recognized label at times may be actually made by the manufacturer who produces a widely recognized one.  When we shop, we look at quality first, label next.  We suggest you do the same.


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