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Wholesale Neckties

Wholesale Neckties

For small boutiques, gift shops, specialty stores, and events


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Our Brands Wholesale Neckties
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Hand Made

Handmade Luxury Woven Wholesale Neckwear

Handcrafted Trendy Metro Styles Bold & Colorful

Handmade Solid Color Neckties In Stunning Colors

Christopher Cali
Hand Made Italian Inspired Patterns & Designs

Drew Michaels
Hand Tailored Traditional British Styling With Color & Simplicity

Call us for wholesale prices
Minimum quantities for wholesale prices are only 60 pieces
We are currently taking orders for Spring 2010 delivery

Brand Construction

Every brand we design has it's own personality.
Long before a brand is ever produced, we determine the personality, and the man that will wear it.  We analyze the look, the color palette, and the styles.  When the brand finally goes into production, it always remains true to the concept.

Every brand we produce is made by hand.

A hand made necktie feels different, and has received the attention to detail that a machine made necktie just doesn't get.  The edges are steamed so they roll just so.  The lining fits just right.  The necktie looks and feels - well - custom made.

Every brand we produce is self-tipped.
A self-tipped necktie is one where the same silk from the front of the tie is utilized as the tipping on the rear of the tie - no black acetate tipping from us.

Every brand we produce is made with weightier silks.
We personally select the weight of the silks - so they look and feel luxurious.  We like woven silk.  We pay a bit more to manufacture  each and every necktie brand to ensure that the look and feel is superb.

Final Necktie Details.
Every brand width is full cut, and all brands have a silk fabric tie keeper loop on the rear.

Purchase as often as you need - there are no contracts to sign, and no commitments to make, as with other manufacturers.

Every order is shipped via USPS Priority and charged a flat $9.99 shipping fee or actual cost, whichever is less, per order.

International orders are shipped via USPS International and charged actual shipping charges. Import taxes, and duties, are the responsibility of the recipient.

AMC NY Suggested Retail $50.00 -Call For Pricing
Arcobaleno Suggested Retail $50.00 -Call For Pricing
Christopher Cali Suggested Retail $50.00 -Call For Pricing
Drew Michaels Suggested Retail $40.00 -Call For Pricing
Drew Michaels  Luxury Collection Suggested Retail $60.00 -Call For Pricing

Minimum quantities - 60 pieces per label

Simply order from our wholesale pages, pay by credit card, and your order is on it's way.

E-mail us if you need help
Wholesale at BoardroomTies dot com

Orders generally ship within 3 business days.

Special quantity orders are shipped within 3 business days from the time we receive it from our manufacturer.

All orders are charged on the day the order is placed - not shipped.

You may have already seen our brands in small specialty boutiques, airport gift shops, museum stores, or given as gifts for special events.

If you are retailer, and wish to carry our products, email us at:
Wholesale at BoardroomTies dot com

Tell us a little something about your business in the e-mail.  Tell us the location of your business, what you sell, and who your typical client is.

We will work with you to ensure that your clients find what they are looking for at prices that make you profitable, and your clients happy.  Only through our active participation can we both succeed.

We believe in taking a pro-active approach to your business and there is no charge for our consultation services.

We would be honored to have you as our client.

All our brands have been painstakingly designed by us and manufactured according to our exacting, and often annoying, specifications.

Why are we so picky? - We are in the necktie business, we know what we want, we know what sells, and we know what we can't find, and as a result of this intimate knowledge, we have developed this gorgeous offering of luxury neckties.

We have contracted manufacturers in Italy, and the Orient, to produce our brands.  All silks are purchased in Italy, England, and the Orient to ensure that the brand personality is properly portrayed.

There are no boundaries as to where we purchase the silk we utilize.  Our only requirements are that they offer outstanding value, and are of the finest quality, color, and weave.

Because every order is custom made, returns are not possible.  Orders canceled before shipping will incur a flat $300 dollar service charge, or 15% of the total, whichever is greater.

Free Samples
If you are uncertain about a brand, please ask for a sample.

You will be charged the full retail price for each sample plus nominal shipping.  Upon our receipt of your wholesale order, we will deduct the full cost of the samples you purchased including shipping.

 View Our Wholesale Neckties Selection

AMC NY - Wholesale Neckties

AMC NY - Wholesale Neckties
Arcobaleno - Wholesale Neckties

Arcobaleno - Wholesale Neckties
Christopher Cali - Wholesale Neckties

Christopher Cali - Wholesale Neckties
Drew Michaels - Wholesale Neckties

Drew Michaels - Wholesale Neckties

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